Redistricting: An Opportunity to Clean Our Michigan Voter Records

Michigan voter registrants across the state are receiving new voter registration cards reflecting new US Congressional, Michigan Senate and Michigan House of Representatives districts. 

While Jocelyn Benson has said that the Michigan voter records are the cleanest they have been ever, we know the reality. The truth is that our Michigan voter rolls remain a bloated mess and Election Integrity Fund & Force believes there are an estimated 1 MILLION illegitimate voters registered in our great state of Michigan. 

Unfortunately, hundreds of thousands of Michiganders are about to realize just how dirty the voter files are in Michigan. Many of you should expect to receive new voter registration cards for individuals who do NOT live at your address. If you receive a registration card for someone NOT at your address we recommend the following: 

  • • Election Integrity Fund & Force is attempting to track and log all the invalid registrations. To assist us, please take and image of the registration card and email the image to 
  • • Print and complete the enclosed affidavit. Do not sign until in the presence of a notary. Take the affidavit to your local clerk’s office. Sign in the presence of a notary and submit. 
  • • Please alert your friends and neighbors to this significant registration issue and share these details with them. MAKE IT GO VIRAL!!! 
  • • Finally, CONTACT YOUR LEGISLATORS and let them know of the problem and ask how they intend to fix it! 
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