How You Can Help

       Easier to vote. Harder to cheat.

The 2020 general election exposed many flaws and raised doubts about the way states conducted their elections. This has the dangerous impact of undermining the public’s confidence in future election outcomes. Pure Integrity for Michigan Elections’ policy objectives are intended to eliminate these flaws and restore faith and fairness to our electoral system. 

Get involved today and become a volunteer. Membership is free, and you will be joining a group of change-makers, a network strong enough to impact positive change in the lives of Michigan residents, and by extension, have a positive effect on the lives of Americans.

Supporters are invited to attend PIME meetings. That’s the best way to stay current, impact the group’s decisions, and meet people. In-person meetings feature great speakers, food and friendship, and for those unable to attend, a video link will be available.

With the aim of restoring the integrity of Michigan elections, every patriot needs to step forward and stand tall. Please consider signing up to help out with our legislative and outreach committees.


Legislative Committees

The right to a free and fair electoral process is sacred and vital to the survival of our constitutional republic. Every citizen is entitled to one vote, counted one time. PIME’s legislative committees monitor bills and work with state legislators to ensure that election integrity is restored and enacted into law.

PIME’s committees are organized according to six areas of focus. Volunteers work as a team to move their initiatives forward in an effective, systematic, and successful way. 

_____Fair and transparent elections

_____Valid and fraud-free absentee ballots 

_____Voter ID, residency, citizenship, and clean voter rolls

_____Authenticity and chain of custody for every ballot

_____Michigan’s rights under the US Constitution and our legislature’s rights and responsibilities

_____Guarantee free speech and stop social media companies from choosing whose voices are heard

PIME Outreach Committees

_____Coalitions, cooperation and coordination with other like-minded groups

_____Video and Podcast 


_____Contact Management 

_____Event Scheduling and Coordination 

_____Online Presence 



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