How You Can Help

Volunteer. Pitch in. Your helping hands and heart can help restore integrity to Michigan’s elections.

Please sign up to help with one or some of the committees below. PIME is composed entirely of unpaid volunteers. We need your help, and many hands make light work.

Please email your name, phone number, and county to Tell us how you’d like to help restore election integrity to Michigan, or click the button below for the online form.  

Committees and outreach:

_____Legislative. Analyze and/or testify on election bills that come up for hearing in the Michigan House and Senate. PIMErs testify at hearings. We work with state legislators to help craft and enact legislation to ensure election integrity. We issue CALLS TO ACTION to PIME supporters on issues that need everyone’s attention.

_____ERIC. Analyze ERIC, Election Registration Interstate Center, and work to have the legislature and organizations fix and exit it. 

_____Contract with Michigan. PIME developed a pledge for constitutional candidates to distinguish themselves from the field. We need help reaching out to worthy candidates and inviting them to sign. Or perhaps you’d like to write news releases announcing new signatories, and/or post signatories on the website. How about reaching out to other organizations and inviting them to co-sponsor.

_____Precinct Delegates. Become a precinct delegate for your party. Join its county executive committee. Get involved.

_____Voter Roll Cleanup. PIME is working closely with the Election Integrity Fund & Force to clean up Michigan’s voter rolls, called the Qualified Voter File (QVF). We need data analysts. We need people willing to help canvass Ingham County by driving a vehicle, knocking on doors, or serving as librarian to record findings. 

_____Speaker Recruitment. Help arrange for quality, engaging experts to come speak at PIME’s monthly meetings.

_____Allies and Coalitions. Work with organizations of like mind to coordinate efforts, support each other, and build on various groups’ strengths. Share information. If you’re a member of another group, maybe you’d like to serve as ambassador between groups?

_____Election Inspector. Become an election inspector. Be on hand to ensure election integrity in your local election. Get paid. Click here to learn all about it:

_____Recruitment. Assist with reaching out to tell people about PIME. Manning a table at an event like a festival, rally, trade, or gun show is fun. You meet lots of interesting people and gather signatures for important petitions.

_____Petition drive support. Currently underway are Secure MI Vote, and Let My Kids Learn petition drives.

_____Communications. Help PIME keep in touch. Perhaps you’d like to help write welcome letters to new supporters. Interested in keeping PIME’s calendar current? How about posting messages to the blog, Telegram, Rumble, or Signal? Maybe you would like to contribute to PIME’s newsletter? Interested in video recording our featured speakers and posting their talks on PIME’s Rumble channel? Click the button below or email Say you’d like to serve on this committee. 

_____Research and news. Monitor and analyze information related to election integrity. Help keep PIMErs current on all election integrity developments  

­­­­_____Security Committee. Be on site to ensure everyone is safe and feels welcomed.

_____Repeal Prop 3. Push to repeal Prop 3 that gutted election integrity. Seek an amendment to the Michigan Constitution to: 

  • End same-day voter registration 
  • End no-reason absentee voting 
  • End online and mail-in voter registrations
  • End automatic voter registration when signing up for driver’s licenses 

_____ Events. Interested in hosting a table at a public event to help gather petition signatures and recruit others to support PIME? Organize a training event? So much to do! We can use your help. Click the button below or email

My strengths are ________________________________________

I’d like to help out with the _____________(insert name) committee.


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