ERIC: One-Page Summary

URGENT: The Sec. of State must stop, at once, its unlawful and unethical participation in ERIC, the Electronic Registration Information Center. Membership requires MI to share its residents’ personal information. ERIC is not transparent. Membership violates Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) & puts election integrity at risk. Better alternatives are available. Voter rolls should be treated with same scrutiny as credit card data data.

ERIC was founded in 2012 to bloat voter rolls. Funded by Soros Open Society.  4 employees. 30 member states. “A left wing voter registration drive, disguised as voter roll ‘accuracy’ management.” Delaware nonprofit corp. Last filed annual report in 2017. Creator David Becker, prior with Clinton DOJ, helped acquire & spend Zuckerbucks through his Center for Innovation and Research (CEIR). 

  1. Participation in ERIC’s violates Federal transparency laws. ERIC refuses to honor FOIA requests and prohibits member states FOIA compiance. Its opaqueness violates constitutional rights. ERIC uses AI software, Senzing, whose algorithms select potential voters to register. ERIC requires states to contact 95% of list it provides. Bias? Zuckerbucks on steroids.
  2. Participation in ERIC’s violates Federal National Voter Registration Act of 1993. NVRA mandates states keep clean voter rolls. MI’s Auditor General report found BOE failed to clean voter rolls. ERIC adds voters and rarely, if ever, eliminates any. For first time in history, number. of registered voters in Michigan climbed to 102.4% of voting-aged residents. During 2020, 67 of MI’s 83 counties had more registered voters than eligible voters. Impossible. On average, 10% of Americans move each year (Judicial Watch), so each precinct should lose 10% of its registered voters. It may gain others, but an average of 10% should come off rolls. Judicial Watch Study Finds 353 U.S. Counties in 29 States with Voter Registration Rates Exceeding 100%
  3. ERIC plays a role in automatically registering non-citizens to vote when they transact with DMV or any agencies Gov. Whitmer ordered to recruit voters. These agencies don’t ask about citizenship. All DMV transactions are sent to ERIC. Even if ERIC doesn’t directly access QVF and register non-citizens, it fails to flag and remove them. 1,000 people voted with a surrendered license flag in QVF; 20,500 registered without ID in last 14 days on Election Day, Nov. 2020 (Sen. Ruth Johnson, or noncitizen20220119.mp4).
  4. Michigan’s Sec. of State Benson is illegally sharing protected, personal voter information with ERIC. ERIC, in turn, increases exposure risk for this personal info to other states and possibly other organizations On Jan. 27, Louisiana suspended participation in ERIC due to “allegations of voter fraud or possible misuse of our voters’ personal  information.” Michigan must do the same. Participation in ERIC violates Michigan Laws (MCL 168.509gg)

(a) Record that person declined to register to vote

(b) Office that received registered voter’s application

(c) Registered voter driver license or state ID card #

(d) Month & day of birth of a registered voter

(e) Telephone # provided by registered voter

Alternatives to ERIC: Free and state-run Crosscheck, an alternative interstate system, worked well until sued to extinction. MI needs to:

1) Acquire Senzing and signature verification software 

2) Remove non-citizens via SAVE, a DHS electronic Immigration status verification service

3) Compile & issue MI reports to maintain voter rolls.

4) Conduct annual voter-roll forensic audit.

5) License NCOA (U.S. Postal Service National Change of Address) database as required by Fed. Law. Use NCOALink to remove Interstate and intrastate double registrants.

6) Publicly post state plan for voter roll maintenance and lists.

7) Acquire NTIS and LADMF (National Technical Information Service and Limited Access Death Master File), used by and ERIC to secure best info on deaths. Legislate to share death data statewide, not just countywide.

8) Consider Fractal Voter Registry 

9) Pass Congressional HR 2115 to require states issuing new driver’s licenses to have new residents surrender their old licenses. Destination states to notify exited state.

10) Educate movers to notify their local clerks.

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