ERIC, Interstate Database Enables Non-citizen Voting. Part 1

Call to action: Tell your legislator about Soros’ plan to sneak in noncitizen votes. Feb. 1, 2022
 Dear Patriot,
The left has a problem. Biden’s poll numbers are dropping like the value of the dollar, and the sheer numbers of phantom voters required to give the appearance of winning the next election would blow through population ceiling. For the corrupt leftists to maintain their chokehold on the US, they will have to pour new ballot streams into the system.

Enter illegal, non-citizen voting .Noncitizen Voting Push Is Part of Agenda to Rid America of Citizenship: Election Expert Jan. 20, 2022

Thirty-one states, including Michigan, exchange confidential voter information through ERIC, the interstate Electronic Registration Information Center. This month, thanks to the investigative reporting of author Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit exposed ERIC’s left-wing connections. According to Hoft’s three-part series, George Soros sponsored and funded ERIC.

And get this: ERIC’s rules state, “Under no circumstances shall the members transmit any record indicating an individual is a non-citizen of the U.S.” (Exhibit A, 2b, page 14).
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To quote Part 1, “After decades of fighting to keep voter rolls dirty, Democrats put themselves in charge of the ‘clean up.’ In 2012 they founded the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC), a left wing voter registration drive disguised as voter roll ‘accuracy’ management. Funded by a grant from the Soros Open Society, ERIC now controls the voter logs in 31 States, plus D.C.”
Arizona canvasser, Liz Harris, posted on Telegram, “The database tracks everything a bad actor would need to influence the outcome of an election.”
As an example, Gateway Pundit explains, “Member states must not only submit all details on inactive and active voters to ERIC every 60 days. But they must also provide every individual in their state’s Motor Vehicle Department database, both licensed and ID recipients. This combo of data is breathtaking. It’s everyone who could generate a legal [or illegal] ballot… This data includes names, addresses, date of birth, License number, last 4 of social security number, voter activity, phone, email, type of citizenship documentation, and much more!” (See Exhibit A, B)

In addition ERIC accumulates direct voting data for federal elections. The database records: “the total number of provisional ballots cast; the total number of provisional ballots counted; the total number of provisional ballots uncounted, by reason (if available); the number of new voters who registered and voted on the same day; and the number of updates to a voter’s existing registration submitted on the same day on which they voted.” (See Exhibit A, C)

According to Harris, “Just about the only thing that ERIC does NOT want to know is who is voting illegally.” Their rules explain that ‘under no circumstances shall the members transmit any record indicating an individual is a non-citizen of the U.S.’” (See page 14, Exhibit A, 2b)
“Handing over the management of our voter rolls and all of our election data to Soros and comrades is a recipe for perennial election sabotage.” Harris encouraged readers to ask their state representatives “what they’re doing about ERIC.”
And so PIME did. On behalf of PIME, I wrote to Senator Ruth Johnson, chair of the Senate Elections Committee, and to Representative Ann Bollin, chair of the House’s Elections and Ethics committee. In these letters, PIME asked:If these claims as to ERIC’s background, bias, and potential agenda are valid, what actions are you able to take to remedy the problem, and how may PIME be of assistance?What can be done regarding ERIC’s exclusion of transmission of “any record indicating an individual is a non-citizen of the U.S.”?  What can be done to stop Michigan from participating in ERIC?  If the organization’s activities are as reported, should ERIC not be stripped of its nonprofit status and other states notified as to the organization’s subversive behavior? Should law enforcement authorities be notified? 
In addition, Louis Avallone, a PIME supporter, looked into Michigan statutes, and wrote,

We are struggling to understand how disclosure of this information to ERIC or to any third-party, non-profit corporation is legal given MCL 168.509qq. It appears there is authority given to the secretary of state to ‘release’ the last 4 digits of a social security number for purposes of voter verification, but there is no such allowance to release any of the other listed protected personal information. 
MCL 168.509o(5) obligates discretionary participation in ‘secure’ multi-state programs, but does not appear to provide any authority to violate the provisions of “MCL 168.509gg. The reference to “509aa(5)” indicates that deletion of a voter record using information obtained through a multi-state program is required to subject to the ‘normal’ (i.e., long) countdown rules.
MCL 168.509gg:
Sec. 509gg. (1) The information described in this subsection that is contained in a registration record is exempt from disclosure under the freedom of information act, 1976 PA 442, MCL 15.231 to 15.246. The secretary of state, a designated voter registration agency, or a county, city, township, or village clerk shall not release a copy of that portion of a registration record that contains any of the following:
(a) The record that a person declined to register to vote.
(b) The office that received a registered voter’s application.
(c) A registered voter’s driver’s license or state personal identification card number.
(d) The month and day of birth of a registered voter.
(e) The telephone number provided by a registered voter…
(2) Except as otherwise provided in this subsection, the last 4 digits of a registered voter’s social security number contained in a registration record are exempt from disclosure under the freedom of information act,
1976 PA 442, MCL 15.231 to 15.246. The last 4 digits of a registered voter’s social security number contained in a registration record may only be used by the secretary of state to verify a registered voter’s data as provided by the help America vote act of 2002 and to verify a registered voter’s status under this act, and shall not be used or released for any other purpose.
MCL 168.509o(5):
(5) Subject to this subsection, the secretary of state shall participate with other states in 1 or more recognized multistate programs or services, if available, to assist in the verification of the current residence and voter registration status of electors. The secretary of state shall not participate in any recognized multistate program or service described in this subsection that requires this state to promote or adopt legislation as a condition of participation in that program or service. In addition, the secretary of state shall not participate in any recognized multistate program or service described in this subsection if the secretary of state determines that data of that program or service are not being adequately secured or protected. The secretary of state shall follow the procedures under section 509aa(5) with regard to any electors affected by information obtained through any multistate program or service.
In addition to enforcing the above statutes, PIME suggests the US Constitution’s Fourth Amendment may come into play as “the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated.
Again, PIME applauds your efforts to defend and protect integrity in Michigan elections, and we hope the provided information is helpful to you. We look forward to learning your thoughts and to being of assistance. 
We heard back promptly from Senator Johnson’s office and are discussing possible solutions. We encourage you to write to your legislators and urge them to take action. 

Feel free to download these letters from PIME’s website and modify them. Make them your own. 

Letters to Senator Ruth Johnson and Rep. Ann Bollin re: non-citizen voter registrations and potential compromise of ERIC, the interstate voter information sharing database

Stay tuned.
For election integrity in Michigan, 
Patrice Johnson, Chair
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