Democratic Operatives Control Voter Rolls in 31 States. Report Shows.

Public records obtained by Verity Vote show that ERIC transfers lists of unregistered but eligible voters it receives from the states to CEIR, which then creates targeted mailing lists from the data and transfers those back to the states for distribution. States use these lists for their voter registration outreach.

You’re Invited. Zoom call tomorrow, July 14 at noon

Introducing local task forces and MI Fair Elections Friend, It is my pleasure to invite you to join a Zoom call tomorrow launching a coalition of groups and local task forces to restore integrity to our state’s elections. As you may be aware, national election integrity experts held a statewide summit recently in Detroit. TheContinue reading “You’re Invited. Zoom call tomorrow, July 14 at noon”

CALL TO ACTION: DEMAND CONSISTENT APPLICATION OF ELECTION LAW Call to Action  Please forward this message to your state legislators. Demand the Legislature exercise its constitutional responsibility to oversee elections. Urge your legislator to tell Wayne County to either follow election law, or the Michigan Legislature will appoint authorities to temporarily administer Wayne County elections. Friend, There is not a crime, there isContinue reading “CALL TO ACTION: DEMAND CONSISTENT APPLICATION OF ELECTION LAW”