PIME Meeting Minutes

PIME Meeting August 2022 (rumble.com)

Photo montage: Photos (mostly) by J.D. Small. Video by Kathy Mann.

Stockbridge Activity Center, 305 W. Elizabeth Street, Stockbridge, MI. 49285

August 13, 2022

Called to Order at 5:02 PM

Don Batdorff gave the opening prayer

Kathy McClinchey led the Pledge of Allegiance

Patrice Johnson opened the meeting with an update on Michigan Fair Elections, which meets every Thursday at noon via Zoom. She encouraged everyone to join in. We need to encourage a personal relationship with local officials. Notes are being taken and placed on Basecamp in one long document for convenient search.

We are meeting with legal counsel regarding breaches that occurred in the primary. The legislature legislates and doesn’t enforce. When AG Nessel and SOS Benson threatened to disbar lawyers who were representing election-integrity (EI) clients, many were intimidated. But those tactics have also prompted lawyers to stand up on behalf of free speech and our judicial system. Priority is to focus on the November election. Linda Lee Tarver, who is running for state Board of Elections, said to remember that at the primary we are working to get our EI candidate elected, but during the general election, we should all support the candidate in the party fighting for election integrity. The winning party sets the agendas and controls the committees. 

Alex Weddon talked about Secure MI Vote and Promote the Vote. We are doing things that are changing the state and our country. Promote the Vote is not what it seems. It is a no vote. Secure Mi Vote petitions were submitted with enough signatures, but the sec. of state isn’t expected to finish reviewing the signatures in time for the proposal to go on the ballot. The legislature can pass it, though, and override any veto. In contrast, Promote the Vote is proposing to amend the constitution and is a wish list for leftists who wish to undermine election integrity. Secure Mi Vote would be nullified in Promote the Vote is passed and changes the state constitution.

We are going to develop a flyer and have people go door to door. 

Patrice introduced a legislative aide, and he advised that legislators can promote 5 bills per month. He said he would be happy to work with us. He said we have a reputation for being “mature” and, after audience laughter, clarified that he meant emotionally mature. He advised us to pay attention to budget asks. Patrice asked for volunteers to review and assess budget items.

Sheree Ritchie gave the legislative report. Patrice said we might be able to gain legal insights at the national level. Sheree said Louis Avallone has been drafting amendment language for the committee. Sheree said that Patrice sent an email to Representative Ann Bollin, Sen. Ruth Johnson, and Speaker Jason Wentworth. Rep. Bollin and Sen. Johnson replied and offered to work with us. Rep. Bollin often attends Thursday’s MFE Zoom meetings. All election bills go through Sen. Johnson’s and Rep. Bollin’s election committees. 

Patrice said we need to educate college students that they could damage their futures if they vote in two places or as noncitizens, thereby committing election fraud. 

Bill Richardson spoke regarding the importance of combatting Promote the Vote and disqualifying Michigan’s participation in ERIC, the Election Registration Information Center. Bill and his Jackson County/Waterloo group are putting together literature for a door knocking campaign. He is including ERIC and Promote the Vote information in this information. Bill said we have laid out the process, and we all need to talk to residents so they don’t think we’re just one “wacko” person. 

Email Bill at brichardson108@gmail.com, and he will send you an electronic copy of the information. Bill described what is on the literature his team is developing. 

Mike Cameron and Bill Richardson talked about the upcoming PIME Freedom Picnic. Mike suggested a picnic, so we could chill out and socialize. The date is August 20 at Cravings at 3:00 PM. Thank you to Judi Cook for offering her establishment to us. It is located on the corner of Elizabeth and Wood Streets. Bill created a sign-up genius link for people to sign up to bring things, and he brought a sign-upsheet for those who don’t wish to do it on line. 

Patrice reported that The Federalist writer, Victoria Marshall, did a very thorough job reporting on the ERIC problem. Heather Honey from Verity Vote conducted the significant original “open source” research. We have tried FOIA’ing ERIC several times. The chief lawyer from SOS responded saying they couldn’t respond because the information is privileged. ERIC is a 4-employee nonprofit. Verity Vote managed to secure public documents that prove ERIC is distributing Michigan residents’ private information to another leftist, David Becker, organization, the Center for Election Innovation Research. CEIR gave out $69 million of Zuckerberg private funding to have government election administrators recruit only blue-leaning voters. Patrice recommended that investigators look at Senzing software, that uses artificial intelligence to sort data and select voters of a certain profile for clerks to register as voters. 

Jim Johnson read the PIME Citizenship Committee report. The committee has been advised that non-citizens are showing up on the voter rolls. Non-citizens are not legally allowed to vote, and we are trying to make sure this doesn’t happen. This committee did a FOIA which was denied. They are in the process of appealing the denial. As a self-governing people we should be able to rest assured that only legal votes are cast in each election. The committee is trying to explore legal ways to further their mission. If you want to help, please contact PIME at MiFairElections@gmail.com. Christine McGoron is the chair. 

Patrice asked everyone to sign up for at least one committee. We need people in these committees.

Tim Vetter – When Election Integrity Force and Fund started, they asked Patrice to join and she captained Ingham County. Tim Vetter has been a mainstay in the weekly online meetings. No one has more information than Tim. Tim passed out a handout breaking down information they acquired through studying the state’s qualified voter files (QVF).

Tim, as a Manufacturing Equipment Engineer in Michigan, uses data to determine and troubleshoot the production, throughput, part quality and general health of manufactured equipment. He understands the importance of accuracy and measurement. 

Tim said Jocelyn Benson distorts the truth, and EIF’s new report is coming out soon. The primary reports show that on 8-1-2022 Michigan had more people registered to vote than were voting aged residents of the state. The QVF shows 6,722 new registrations in the past 10 days. ERIC is supposed to clear up the voter rolls, but is doing the exact opposite. Tim reported issues regarding the chain of custody of data and noted that it is a felony to falsify the QVF. 

The Secretary of State (SOS) is responsible for overseeing Michigan’s elections, yet still is not providing a complete list of everyone who voted in the November 2020 election. However, the Michigan Election Integrity Force are only about 4,390 away from getting the total votes. His county GOP believes the only cheating in 2020 was stuffing the ballot box. In 2 precincts, 0 votes were reported for in person voting. This happened in 131 precincts covering 57 counties. Either a clerk screwed up, or in Tim’s opinion this was data manipulation from the top. 

Tim said all that data manipulation is happening in the Voter History files, and history should never change. On average, people in Michigan vote 6 times in their lifetimes. By law, the state is required to keep the last 5 years of voting histories. They are wiping out our history, he said, and cited Kristina Karamo’s voter history as an example of a file that was scrubbed. 

ERIC came on board in 2019, and that’s when the chaos in voter files began. Karamoo is one voter with 8 records missing. There were about 100,000 voters with about 4 million records that have gone missing. We need an investigation to find out. Feb 1, 2022, 11,610 individuals did not have a voting record until then. We don’t know what happened to those votes. “Whose voting record did they count?” Vetter asked. The local clerk is on record says she recalls uploading Kristina’s vote. Where did it go? 

By law, the SOS has to publish the voter logs within 7 days of an election, but every time he \ requests the QVF records for that date, they won’t give it to him. 930,260 voters had their voting histories scrubbed. This is repeating itself. 

Vetter said he had “irrefutable criminal evidence of statewide voter data manipulation by the SOS with our QVF history files.”

In comparing the QVF’s records, month to month, whatever voter records aren’t there a month later—those votes were removed. They are also adding votes, he said. It is fraud. The clerks uploaded the information, but it does not get into the QVF. Delayed votes are also an issue. 

Tim showed the breakdown of data for Jackson as he had given a presentation there. “They are removing records and then adding them back,” he said, and he had even found triplicates where they remove, add, and remove the records again. “This is data manipulation and it is happening today.” They have examples of vote switching. Tim has made a video and will pass it to us. He encouraged us to pass it around. ERIC is the reason this is happening. 

Daniel Dembinski of Central Michigan Amateur Radio Club, CMARC. He spoke on the use of Short Wave Radio, “What it is and Why it’s important.” The club has been around for 100 years. They meet in Lansing and also do Zoom. Look them up online and you will find them. Marconi was credited with the first transatlantic transmission in 1873. In 1920 and 1923 the first transatlantic transmission between Connecticut and England occurred. In 1914 the Amateur Radio Relay League was formed. The FCC came into play in 1934. The radios were all tubes back then and radios have changed dramatically since then. Many people dove headlong into the future of radio and made history. They have solid state equipment now, but many operators prefer to use tube radios. They are still making contact with them. 

Joe Walsh from the Eagles is an amateur radio operator. His equipment is all tubes. Those radios take up a lot of space. The tubes will survive electromagnetic pulse. Solid state equipment will survive an EMP with a Faraday Cage, which is a metal container which stops radiation and heating from entering. In reverse of a microwave which contains radiation. 

The Cage stops the electromagnetic pulse. EMP’s can come from a solar flare or a transformer station blowing up. There is a company called EMP Shield that manufactures, through the military, EMP shields. These range in cost from $350 to $1300. 

Dan got into Amateur Radio because he likes to experiment. It’s a hobby and a passion. They can send pictures over the airwaves, and it sounds like the old dial up modems. Most people start out with a BoFeng Radio made in China. He has a Kenwood Ham Radio. Prices have gone up because of chip shortages. Dan B said the Japanese make better radios than the Chinese. You can get one for $100 or less., or spend thousands, depending on how much you want to spend. 

He suggested protecting some electronic equipment by putting it in a trash can lined with plastic foam. 

Ham radios can have significant advantages in emergency situations. When hurricane Katrina hit, cellphones were down. Internet was down. Ham radio operators sent pictures through the airwaves. Amateur Radio Operators helped state and local authorities function in these situations. They were able to communicate information to loved ones of those affected in the tragedy. You can’t take payment as an operator. Dan has 6 BoFengs and each of his kids has one. Kenwood, ICOM, Motorola are other name brands. 

You have to have a license from the FCC if you want to transmit. You can listen all you want, but the minute you talk, you need a license. If it’s an emergency, you can transmit. 

Question: What do you purchase if you want to talk between individuals who are 30-35 miles away? A CB radio will do the same thing. 

Dan B is the President of the repeater association. You can use repeaters to transmit around the world. Getting better antennas will increase your distance. Dan B has an antenna, and he can talk to Russia and Slovenia, not to mention throughout most of mid-Michigan There are 3 classes of license. 1st level UHF/VHF local communications with some morse code. They don’t require that but you can talk across the world with that license. Tech license, General license and Extra. There are 40 channels on a CB radio. 

Discussion on frequencies and length of bandwidth. 

Question: What would happen if there was an EMP attack on our country? Could you tunnel under water to prevent EMP damages to equipment? 

Better to just get a metal trash can. The odds of being directly underneath an EMP explosion aren’t high. Put your radio in a metal trash but don’t let touch the metal sides. 

Discussion of 1857 Carrington Event, the most intense geomagnetic storm in recorded history was caused by a solar flare. The solar event created a massive EMP that took out anything electronic. Wiring acted as an antenna, and some morse code operators were electrocuted. 

Jay Leno had a Morse Code operator and the Morse Code was received before a text was received. Question was if stuff hits the fan, how do we talk to our loved ones? There are 3 to 4 million Hams who might be able to help. There is a network of people who get on the network once or twice a week, and they will pass messages to a central location. The best advice is to become friends with a Ham. Message Traffic Handlers can contact people to get messages out. 

If you are interested, get a short wave radio. Dan recommended before spending significant money, people should get a receiver an listen in. Centralmiarc.com and lansingarpsc.com can assist. Show up to one of the meetings, and members can help you. AARL is a good place to start. Zoom ID number 2200499691 and the password is CMARC2022. Look on YouTube as to how to build a Faraday Case. You can find the radioes on Amazon. 

Patrice announced that Alex Weddon and Becky Mayer recently became engaged. They met at PIME’s 9-11-21 meeting. 

Announcement that there is a precinct delegate shortage in Ingham County. 

The meeting was adjourned at 7:25 pm.

Next meeting Sept. 10. Patrick Colbeck, former state senator, to speak on election fraud. 

Respectfully submitted,

Becky Mayer


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