Weaponized FBI

by Jim Brissette:

The FBI has been weaponized by the democrat machine.  The political attacks of Ryan Kelley and Roger Stone were intentionally meant to send a warning to the American public, ‘Disagree with us, and we will destroy you!’ 

It’s been going on for years, right under our noses! The so called free press no longer reports the truth, but rather the lie of OMISSION, telling you only what goes along with their narrative.   Starting with the weaponization  of  press, & the news media, in the 50s culminating in the 70 &80 with the complete abandonment of any kind of responsibility to the adherence of the truth. The democrats have weaponized social media, with so called fact checker, What they are saying to you is, “There is no free speech, it is ours to decide, not yours, if you disagree with us, it will not be heard!  You will only hear what we want you to hear!

Even president Joe Obiden has directly attacked the first amendment by creating his now defunct, “DISINFORMATION GOVERNANCE BOARD, or DGB!  This attack by Joe Obiden on the first amendment, by the sitting president of our country!   Joe Biden, who is under oath, “to protect the US Constitution form all enemies, both foreigner or domestic”. 

Makes Democrat party has become the biggest enemy to the US Constitution!

Every facet of Federal government has been used by the democrats of recent years, to attack Americans of other minded beliefs.  The I.R.S was used by the obama regime against faith based groups and churches who were critical of his administration; demanding Email records from grass roots organizations and churches that were not required, by law, to be kept.  Making outrageous demand on certain clergies for exacting financial records, or lose their tax status.

They’ve used the OSHA to classify material naturedly found in nature, to be labeled as hazardous in order to impose rules and restrictions on the people to further their endeavors.

They’ve made selective loans to large manufactures or bailouts with heavy strings attached for concessions at a later date. Just look at GM for an example.

They’ve used the excuse of infrastructure, to bail out manufactures, banks and financial organizations, and some financially cripple Blue states all under the name of infrastructure.  They’ve increased our national debt three fold and are now driving us to financial ruin.

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Dedicated to restoring election integrity in Michigan.

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