Michigan is Central to Bombshell Coming, say Catherine Englebrecht & Gregg Phillips

From Pastor Rick:

I sincerely ask you to share this link below. The election was stolen and there is undeniable proof. I ask you as a leader…What will you do about it???


Our call last night revealed a release coming soon where MI is at the FOREFRONT of a National/International Election Fraud Scandal – SEE BELOW 6/6 2000 Mule Call Recording” – Listen to the Q/A :


Bombshell from the Transformation Michigan prayer call with Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips (Investigators in 2000 Mules) on Monday, June. 6 2022…at 38:54 of call “The story in Detroit has yet to fully unfold because there are other things that are happening in and around Michigan that we will be releasing here in the next few weeks that had nothing to do with the 2000 Mules”.

You probably heard particularly Gregg Phillips talking about the story that’s exponentially larger than the Mules. The center of that story is in Michigan. And it has nothing to do with mules…[Catherine paused]

At 39:40 Lana Kristal quoted from Gregg’s AZ Senate testimony: “We do indeed have a matter brewing that is ten times bigger than the mules. It will be about six weeks before we can clear our way through it, but I assure you it is the most explosive issue that you have ever come in contact with related to elections in the United States.” Lana said, “Catherine, what I understood you just to say is that this is centered in Michigan?”

Catherine responded, “It is, and it has tentacles not only across the country but into other countries. And it’s been…God was on the move when we first started down this path to use facial data to measure the activity of what we thought might be abuse of the drop boxes….we didn’t know what that data would show that it would ultimately be what we now see in 2000 Mules. But at the same time we were going through other exercises to understand different aspects of the election that may have not been discussed at this point to control the inner workings of the elections. And in that endeavor there in Michigan we found some things that have significant spread internationally. And so we’ll be bringing that forth.”

God bless,

Rick – Transformation MI


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