Hacking the Vote: It’s Easier Than You Think

The year was 2017. University of Michigan Professor J. Alex Halderman had made a career studying electronic voting security, and his research changed the concept of stolen elections from theory to reality. Now, it appears Prof. Haldeman may soon release another report showing that particular voting machines are compromised. Seems the bar codes can be changed on ballots. In other words, the ballot counted may not reflect the voter’s choice.

“I know America’s voting machines are vulnerable,” J. Alex Halderman emphasized in 2017, pausing to lift his head from the page he read to look up at a phalanx of U.S. senators, “because my colleagues and I have hacked them—repeatedly—as part of a decade of research studying the technology that operates elections and learning how to make it stronger.”

Hacking the Vote: It’s Easier Than You Think

It’s not hyperbole to say a shudder swept through that august meeting room in the Hart Senate Office Building in Washington, D.C., as Halderman delivered a much-rehearsed line at the onset of a six-minute statement.

Until the U-M computer science professor began his testimony before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence in June 2017, the idea of a hacked American election felt to many lawmakers like a still-theoretical notion. Other technologists and elections integrity experts had warned members of Congress in such formal settings about abstract vulnerabilities, but state officials and election machine vendors had repeatedly insisted they had it all under control.

Afterwards, lawsuits were filed–by Democrats–to stop the purchase of electronic voting machines due to their lack of security.

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Hacking the Vote: It’s Easier Than You Think

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