Oh, what a tangled web they weave

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Watch: Klaus Schwab At 2022 World Economic Forum: “The Future Is Built By Us” 

The good guys fight back

Watch: “Make sure we are not subjects. We are citizens.” Matt Whitaker and Ken Blackwell talk election integrity. To view, click on link below this photo clip:
–The greater the power of the government, the less the power of the people.
 –“Economic disruption, a pandemic: The Left used to radically change our election system.

Seeking your input .  Thanks for your helping hands

Please email PIME the county you live in. We’ve grown and would like to help PIMErs connect locally with each other. Email pureintegrityforme@gmail.com

Thank you to the many PIME supporters who’ve stepped forward to collect Secure MI Vote petition signatures. Well done! Be sure to turn them in to your local county GOP by May 29. 

News & Views

BREAKING BIG: Michigan Board of Elections Tosses Top Republican Candidates from Governor’s Race Including James Craig and Perry Johnson – Claim They Did Not Turn in Enough Valid Signatures 

RNC Moves to Block McCormick

Effort to Count Undated PA Ballots 

Georgia sees record early voting turnout despite voter suppression claims 

Berman: PA Primary Fiasco Shows Urgent Need for Election Reform 

Pompeo blasts Biden’s ambiguity on world stage, saying it is endangering America 

Gowdy: Something Caused The FBI To Investigate Trump Campaign Way Before Sussmann Lied To Them

World Economic Forum’s Klaus Schwab at Davos Pushes Elitist Garbage “That We Act All as Stakeholders of Larger Communities” 

Australian Politician at Davos Explains that We Need a “Recalibration” of Freedom of Speech 

Nearly Half of US Adults Say American Dream Is Dead as Inflation Tops Financial Security Fear List

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Dedicated to restoring election integrity in Michigan.

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