80-million vs 2000 mules. Care to bet who wins?

Restoring election integrity to Michigan elections will require mule-like strength and stubbornness.
Dinesh D’Souza’s 2000 Mules premiere’s May 2 through 7.

by Patrice Johnson

The premiere of Dinesh D’Souza’s bombshell film has the corrupt left quaking in their jack boots. Documentary 2000 Mules is opening in select theaters and venues May 2 through 7, and the left is desperate to change the narrative in order to smother the film’s irrefutable revelations. Hence, the news cycle’s breathless reporting on the Supreme Court’s leak on abortion. 

Former state senator Patrick Colbeck nailed it, saying, “We all knew that SCOTUS was finally on the verge of overturning Roe v Wade. That is not news to anyone paying attention. The timing of the ‘leak’ of this non news indicates it was yet another attempt to prevent discussion of 2020 Election fraud…just like Jan 6th. Roe v Wade certainly needs to be conveyed to the ash heap of history, but the fraudulent 2020 election results need to join that despicable decision.”

For the record, overturning Roe v Wade would return the decision as to whether to allow abortions to the individual states. Get a grip, lefties. 

Marian Sheridan offered this suggestion, “Help awaken the public by putting a small sign in your car window, 2000 Mules.com

Sign up to view the film this Saturday in Livonia or enjoy a virtual premiere in the comfort of your home, May 7 at 8 p.m. Fun thought: Invite friends over. Go to https://2000mules.com and click on Virtual Premiere or click here: https://secure.2000mules.com/event/2000-mules-virtual-premiere.

Michigan Governor Voting History Corrupted. Check out the latest report from Election Integrity Force. 

To quote EIF’s website, “As the chief executive officer, tasked with overseeing the administration of theconstitutionally delegated duties of the state government, the governor of the great state of Michigan should be incensed quite frankly to discover that her own  historical voting record expressed in two separate Qualified Voting Files has been sorely manipulated and misrepresented.”

The organization’s first report, Critical Analysis of the November 2020 Michigan Election – Report 1: A Sample Canvass – The Michigan Legislature, showed the inexplicable alterations of several state legislators’s voting records. 

According to the respected Janice Daniels, it appears fraudsters altered voter histories in order to square the numbers. After forcing their leftist candidates into fraudulent election wins, the corrupt actors scrambled to match the number of votes cast with the voters of record. To accomplish this uphill feat, they ‘disappeared’ conservative in-person votes and recorded them as no votes (N), or the bad actors altered the record to show these people voted absentee (ABS). 

Go to audityourvote.com to check out your voter history. If you discover your records are wrong, click on the site’s information tab and fill out an Affidavit.

Request from Phil O’Halloran

If anyone has access to drop box surveillance video footage from anywhere in the state of Michigan, or knows a friendly clerk who can help us, please direct message me. 

Also, if anyone would like to FOIA their local clerk’s office, ask for “surveillance video footage of the drop boxes during the 2020 Election.” Thank you.

Email: MC4EI or contact PIME2024@protonmail, and we’ll put you in touch with Phil.

As the left’s illegal tactics come to light, they’re shape-shifting their covert assault on the republic. The left’s new approach pushes biased, government-orchestrated voter registrations. Sunday, May 1, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s office announced her signing of an executive directive to boost voter registration

“Earlier today, I signed an executive directive instructing state departments and agencies to identify opportunities to help Michiganders register to vote at their facilities. Right now, we are up against a coordinated national attack on voting rights designed to undermine confidence in our elections and systematically disenfranchise communities of color, seniors, and young people. I will continue to…work to expand access to the vote so everyone eligible can participate.  

“State departments and agencies must look at ways to…help register voters by distributing vote by mail applications, helping Michiganders complete their voter registration forms, and accepting applications for voter registration.”

The governor’s announcement follows President Biden’s 2021 Executive Order directing 14 federal government agencies to focus on new voter registrations. See White House Fact Sheet [an oxymoron?]

According to the Wall Street Journal:

President Biden is ordering all agencies in the federal bureaucracy to “expand citizens’ opportunities to register to vote and to obtain information about, and participate in, the electoral process.” That language, from a March 2021 executive order titled “Promoting Access to Voting,” may sound benign. It isn’t, and it may conceal an abuse of power. The administration is making it difficult for the public to find out.

— Tarren Bragdon and Stewart Whitson, Voter Registration Drive: What’s Biden HidingMobilizing the federal government to sign people up may sound benign. Far from it.” WSJ Opinion, April 19, 2022.

The leftists have made their strategy clear. They are directing taxpayer funds to government agencies with the aim of getting-out-the-vote in a biased, one-sided manner.

Let not our hearts be troubled. Brave, mule-headed souls across our Great Lakes state and nation are leaning into their collars and working hard and smart, determined to right the ship of state. The facts speak for themselves: 

The Rise of the NEW RIGHT: President Trump Goes 22 and 0 on Tuesday Night in Ohio and Indiana|Gateway Pundit

Democrats are losing Hispanics on culture|Reuters

–Of 35 Hispanic voters Reuters spoke to in two toss-up races in Arizona and Colorado, 20 – including Aguirre – said soaring inflation is causing them to seriously consider voting for Republicans. The majority of those said they usually vote Democrat.

It’s Not Just Hispanics. The Democrats Are Losing the Black Vote | Opinion|Newsweek

–The Democratic Party has a huge problem. For decades now, they have been hemorrhaging white rural and working class voters to the Republicans, a trend they have managed to offset with super majorities of voters of color. This was the basis of the “Emerging Majority” theory popular in Democratic circles just a few years ago, which posited that as America became less and less white, it would become more and more firmly attached to the Democratic Party.

The problem with this theory is that it relied the premise that minorities were going to remain solid Democrats. And that premise is turning out to be false.

The Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) has sued several states and DC over the issue of ERIC, the Electronic Registration Information Center, quashing the release of information that is guaranteed public by law. 

“Make Them Famous”: Virginia AG Takes On Progressive Prosecutors

DeSantis Envisions “Big” Election as End of FL’s Days as Swing State

In NH, Hassan Ad Tells You a Lot About Dems’ Political Problems

Justice Dept. Accused of Massive Overreach in Project Veritas Probe

Bedard: 84% Demand Voter ID, Want “Zuckerbucks” Banned

–Georgia Secretary of State’s refuses to investigate ballot harvesting claims until True the Vote’s footage released.  

Hillary Clinton and the Durham Inquiry

Crooked Maricopa County Board Of Supervisors To Hold Special Meeting At 9:00 AM – Set To Discuss “Possible Action Regarding Arizona Attorney General’s Election Investigation”

Two not-to-be-missed events. May 13 and 14 the Conservative Partnership Institute is hosting a major Summit on election integrity, complete with hands on situational training. 

Sat., May 14, at 5 p.m. Rep. Julie Alexander will attend PIME’s monthly meeting. This courageous lone representative prompted the Auditor General’s investigation into the Bureau of Elections. Alexander will discuss the repercussions of her efforts and “If I knew then what I know now.”  

For election integrity in Michigan,

Patrice Johnson, chair

Published by pureintegrityformichiganelections

Dedicated to restoring election integrity in Michigan.

2 thoughts on “80-million vs 2000 mules. Care to bet who wins?

  1. Michigan governor, AG,SOS cheated the in 2020 election they and their propaganda media can say otherwise all they want lairs are always lairs, but boy they sure can find fraud when it came to the people most favorite Republicans running against the Nazi Soros bought and paid for governor of Michigan. But in 2020 they let anyone cheat that wanted to as long as it was in their favor. Detroit cheated all of Michigan with State government’s help, Bessel even threatened lawyers loss of license to practice law if they brought election fraud cases to court How is that for forced compliance by a Nazi communist supporting Michigan government.


  2. How do you fight corruption in Michigan elections when you have a Democrat governor, AG, SOS who helped the rigged elections, Even Johnson of Detroit threatened to send her army after anyone who said Detroit cheated and election was rigged probably the same army of blm and antifa that worked the poll stations that were kicking Republican watchers out. I was told I had to remove my mask with Trump on it to be able to vote but they had workers wear blm masks and t shirts and Biden masks working elections. Now they say there is fraud in signatures for top Republicans running against Whitmere could that have been this same group that they hired to get signatures working for the Democrat party to take Michigans top choices out of the race , as Democrats voted in primary races for Republicans to knock out top Republicans choice’s. Are those same voters going to be made to vote Republican in the midterm So they cheated the voters again by being allowed to vote in Republican primary. This signatures fraud could be the same kind of dirty politics. I am sick of worrying that we will be cheated again and again. I want witless out of Michigan along withe her corrupt AG,and SOS.


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