Details of 2020 Ballot Harvesting. Eye-popping interview with Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips

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April 11, 2022 | Sundance |

Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips from ‘True the Vote’, sat down with Charlie Kirk for a lengthy interview and discussion about the 2020 ballot harvesting process that took place in multiple states.  {Direct Rumble Link Here} True the Vote worked through a painstakingly massive data file (2 petabytes) of cell phone use to identify “ballot mules,” people who were paid by political activist groups to gather massive numbers of mail-in ballots, take them to a central facility and then drop them off in various ballot collection boxes in specific states, specific counties and approximately 71 specific precincts.  

The trackable cell phone data was then matched with CCTV records to identify and document the ballot harvesting activity that took place. The results of the data were shared with various public officers, state and federal law enforcement in an effort to document the potentially unlawful activity.  Unfortunately, the political clubs (RNC and DNC) have largely ignored the story and avoided participating in any process that would use the information to bolster security efforts for the 2022 election.

 It’s a lengthy discussion with detail, but well worth the time.   WATCH: True the Vote, Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips, Outline Details of 2020 Ballot Harvesting Proces .Take out your cell phone. Go to where you would make a call.  Type in *#06# and watch what happens.  That’s the individual cell phone data, the tracking information, that was purchased and utilized by True the Vote to create the mapping of activity.  A fascinating interview. 

Another interesting aspect within the interview is the strong likelihood that after the 2020 election, federal law enforcement went through the work of obtaining cell phone tracking data of Trump supporters, then set up an electronic perimeter, a real time surveillance and monitoring system for the January 6th DC protest.  Any pre-selected cell phone that tripped the created electronic fence, would then ping the feds.  The cell phone would be matched to the physical identity of the owner, and that explains the speed of the feds to identify their J6 targets. Posted in Big Government, Election 2020, Election 2022, media bias, Typical Prog Behavior, Uncategorized, Voter Fraud

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