Alert your legislator. Zuckerbucks coming as wolf in sheep’s clothing

Pure Integrity for Michigan Elections
Beware of ‘Geeks’ Bearing GiftsFriend, Yesterday Mark Zuckerberg and wife Priscilla Chan announced they will not be supplying Zuckerbucks to ‘assist’ local administrators with midterm elections this fall. Zuckerberg millions won’t be part of mid-term elections, says it was a ‘one-time’ thing. But before you breathe a sigh of relief, consider this sentence in the announcement: “The nonprofit said that this year, it will instead launch a different program dubbed the U.S. Alliance for Election Excellence.” 

The Associated Press reported, “The program is an $80-million, five-year effort intended to create a network for the nation’s thousands of local election officials, who can apply for aid to improve their technology and processes.” (editor bold) 

Can anyone spell E-R-I-C, the Electronic Registration Information Center?

Let us not overlook ERIC’s ties to Senzing, an artificial intelligence software company that specializes in massaging big data and applications programming interfaces to connect machines to software, like, perhaps, Michigan’s Qualified Voter File? 

How about Dominion? ESS? Hart?  

“Unfortunately, years of underinvestment means many local election departments often have limited capacity and training,” The article states. “The U.S. Alliance for Election Excellence is bringing together world-class partners so that local election officials no longer have to go it alone,” said Tiana Epps-Johnson, executive director for the Center for Technology and Civic Life. 

In other words, the leftist CTCL organization—the one that orchestrated the physical and electronic takeover of elections during 2020—is here to help.  The words of former President Ronald Reagan come to mind, “The top 9 most terrifying words in the English Language are: ‘I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.”

In this case the former president’s keen observation is even more terrifying because it involves an incestuous alliance among government authorities, funded with a scary intermingling of near bottomless taxpayer and private dollars.   

Mollie Hemingway, editor-in-chief of The Federalist, told Fox News Digital on Tuesday that, the left-wing CTCL “run by Obama political veterans, has already admitted it plans to continue its takeover of government election offices in swing states using the same grant model it deployed with Zuckerberg funding in 2020.” 

Hemingway continued, “These grants enabled these left-wing activists to essentially run the entire Democrat Get-Out-The-Vote operation from inside the government. States that care about election integrity need to protect their systems from control by the world’s wealthiest and most powerful individuals.”Hemingway has long sounded the alarm on Zuckerberg’s donations, telling Fox News’ Tucker Carlson in October,

“This is crazy that it was allowed to happen.”

“So he [Zuckerberg] spends about as much money as the federal government does in running our 2020 elections. He gives $419 million to two left-wing groups who then funnel the money primarily to Democrat counties in swing states,” she said, highlighting the donations were more than $400 million.”

It enabled “this army of left-wing people to come in and handle everything … they target[ed] registration to Democrat communities, they translate[d] ballots (called adjudication), they design[ed] ballots,” she said.According to CTCL tax filings, $15 million of Zuckerbucks was funneled into Michigan during the 2020 election. See Zuckerbucks & ERIC. Two sides of the same counterfeit coin.

 In reaction to Zuckerberg’s donations, at least eight GOP-controlled states have passed laws banning private donations to election offices, including in Florida. Both houses of the Michigan legislature passed legislation banning the private donations, too. But Governor Whitmer vetoed the bill. 

This is why gathering 349,000 signatures for the Secure MI Vote petition is imperative. With enough signatures, both houses of the Michigan legislature can pass legislation, and it will be veto proof.Contact your legislator. Help gather petition signatures.

Failure to achieve Secure MI Vote here in Michigan could mean a permanent, leftist, non-profit/government beast sinks its teeth into the heart of Michigan, if not the entire nation.

For election integrity in Michigan, 

Patrice Johnson, chair
email: pureintegrityforme@beckymayer57

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