ERIC: Zuckerbucks on steroids

by Patrice Johnson

When the Member receives ERIC Data regarding eligible or possibly eligible citizens who are not registered to vote, the Member shall, at a minimum, initiate contact with each and every eligible or possibly eligible citizen and inform them how to register to vote.

–ERIC Bylaws, 5A, p. 16

In the run-up to the 2020 elections, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg and wife Priscilla Chan, a US citizen born to a Chinese-American family, donated more than $350 million through the leftist nonprofit Center for Tech & Civic Life (CTCL) and $69 million through the Center for Election Innovation & Research (CEIR).

In reality, under the guise of COVID-19 relief, this raging river of Zucker green underwrote a massive government, get-out-the-vote (GOTV) effort in nearly 2,500 election departments in 49 states, Michigan included. Altruistic as that may sound, the distribution of funds was weighted 90% toward Democrat cities and counties.

In Dec. 2021, Congresswoman Claudia Tenney’s (R-NY) office sounded the alarm, writing, “of the $144.2 million spent by CTCL on eight key states in the 2020 election, 90 percent went to Democrat-leaning counties won by Joe Biden, while only 10 percent went to right-leaning counties that voted for Donald Trump.” 

Source: Claudia Tenney –
New Information Confirms Zuckerberg-Connected Group Funneled Majority of Election Payments to Democrat-Leaning Counties
. Dec. 20, 2021.

Tenney’s discovery confirms earlier allegations that CTCL and CEIR used private funds to selectively drive turnout in Democrat areas. “These funds bypassed state and local governments and went directly to local election agencies,”  her office said.

On Jan. 3, 2022, the Editorial Board of the Wall Street Journal wrote, “More than a year later, we’re still getting information about the huge private money that underwrote official government voting efforts. Much is still unknown, but lawmakers already know enough to ban this practice….Even under the purest motives, private election funding is inappropriate and sows distrust.”(Zuckerbucks Shouldn’t Pay for Elections)

The story gets worse. To receive the Zuckerbucks, clerks in primarily Democrat counties were required to recruit new voters. Michigan’s blue jurisdictions received $12 million with more than $7.4 million pumped into the Detroit area, $7,436,450 to be exact (CTCL 990 Tax Form, pp. 89-104).

The so-called grants were, in reality, employment contracts (some call them bribes) because any clerk who failed to register the targeted new voters was required to repay the agreed-upon funds. 

Curious as to the significance of these dollars, PIME supporter Thomas Hamlin submitted a freedom of information (FOIA) request the City of Lansing. Come to find out, the city accepted $500,000, and “the reports indicate that $5,700 was spent on Personal Protective Equipment and $125,000 on vote by mail supplies and equipment.” The remainder, he said was apparently spent on ‘personnel related items.’” As in paying employees to get out Democrat votes, perhaps?

Hmm. Check out the disturbing next sentence in ERIC’s Bylaws

–ERIC Bylaws, 5A, p. 16

Each Member shall have until October 1 or fifteen (15) days before the close of registration, whichever is earlier, of the next Federal General Election year to initiate contact with at least 95% of the eligible or potentially eligible citizens on whom data was provided and address validation was performed, as described above. (editor bold)

–ERIC Bylaws, 5A, p. 16

Red Flag #1: So, ERIC requires all 31-member states, on threat of expulsion from the ERIC brotherhood, to contact residents and register them to vote, if eligible, in time for the upcoming presidential election. 

Hold on, you say. One of Jocelyn Benson’s first acts after her inauguration to Secretary of State was to join Michigan in ERIC. The news release said joining ERIC will ensure “that the records of those that move are updated, and those who’ve died since they last voted are removed.” (CEIR, Jan. 2019)

Turns out, to remove a name from ERIC’s voter records is a herculean task, but that’s fodder for another story. Today, let us consider these five words in that Bylaw sentence, “on whom data was provided.

Question: Who exactly is providing the data as to the chosen souls to be registered to vote? 

Answer: ERIC, of course, this tiny, three-employee organization supposedly creates the lists and issues each state its marching orders.

What criteria is ERIC using to identify these potential voters? What are ERIC’s data sources? Do these targeted residents–say 90% of them–happen to lean Democrat? 

The Bylaws meet these obvious questions with the beady-eyed silence of a forked-tongued rattler. 

Red Flag #2. ERIC, founded with Soros money, is, to quote Gateway Pundit, “a left wing voter registration drive, disguised as voter roll ‘accuracy’ management.” Let’s connect the dots. 

David Becker,  ERIC’s lead organizer and spokesperson, issued the press release announcing Benson’s joining Michigan in ERIC. Becker, whose “career is filled with events and projects that help Democrats and purposely hurt Republicans,” is current President of CEIR, an organization that received $69 million from Zuckerberg-Chan (Gableman report, p. 75). 

Red Flag #3. Senzing. As if Flags #1 and #2 aren’t chilling enough, consider the 350-million personal voter records that ERIC now accesses.

Jeff Jonas, self-described as the Wizard of Big Data, sits on ERIC’s Privacy and Technology Advisory Board. He is founder and CEO of Senzing, an artificial intelligence software company that allows a person “to quickly add the most advanced data matching and relationship discovery capabilities to your applications and services, no experts required.” 

There’s more. 

Senzing API provides highly accurate data matching and linking to improve analytics, insights and outcomes.” For the record, application programming interfaces (APIs) connect software programs to computers and other software. 

Care to guess if Senzing is connected via an API to Michigan’s Qualified Voter File? Good luck extracting an answer to that question: 

Should a Member receive a request to disclose ERIC Data and determines that it is legally obligated, in whole or in part, to comply with such request, it shall not make the disclosure without first obtaining a court order compelling it to do so, a copy of which shall be provided to ERIC.

–ERIC Bylaws, Exhibit A 4a, p. 15.

Bottom line. Secretary Benson, in violation of state law, handed the personal and statutorily-protected information of every Michigan resident over to a Soros-funded, third-party organization with a tiny three-employee staff.

Left-leaning ERIC, instead of helping Michigan clean its voter rolls and making them more accurate, is redirecting election officials to voter recruitment. It’s logical to conclude  that ERIC is probably targeting only Michigan’s Democrat-leaning jurisdictions.  

Unlike the privately financed Zuckerberg-Chan monies, ERIC is flush practically limitless taxpayer dollars. It’s hungry to subsume the voter rolls of the 19 holdout states. 

Can we spell Zuckerbucks on steroids?

Mail or forward this message to your legislators. Urge them. Nag them. Tell them to get Michigan out of ERIC NOW.

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