The Brains behind SOS Benson’s Rule Changes to MI Elections


March 25. Ever wonder how Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson hatched her plan to mail approximately eight-million, unsolicited absentee ballot applications to current, former, deceased, moved, non-citizen, and duplicate Michigan voters? Or neuter signature verification? Or unilaterally decide to join our state in the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC)?

This week, The Federalist published an investigative report detailing how a nonprofit connected to Mark Zuckerberg-funded groups worked with “Benson to influence state elections ahead of 2020. The changes included getting the state to alter how it used absentee ballots without an act of the state legislature.” 

“Documents exclusively obtained by The Federalist through an open records request show National Vote at Home Institute CEO Amber McReynolds working with Benson to change Michigan elections policy. NVAHI shares leadership ties with the Center for Tech and Civic Life, a group that shuttled money from Zuckerberg to government election agencies ahead of the 2020 election, as The Federalist previously reported. In several instances, NVAHI and CTCL worked together to influence the 2020 election.

Here’s the must-read article: Exclusive: Zuckerberg-Connected Nonprofit Helped Shift Michigan’s 2020 Voting Rules

Excerpt: “The documents also show that the private organization funded by Facebook tycoon Zuckerberg exists to push states to adopt mass mail-in balloting of the kind that made chaos of the 2020 election.”

“Mail-in ballots are proven to be significantly more susceptible to fraud, as a bipartisan federal election integrity commission chaired by former President Jimmy Carter concluded in 2005. That’s because mail-in ballots provide more opportunities to influence, obtain, and traffic in ballots.

Read how “private groups told public employees what to do,” “How a private, Zuckerberg-connected group affected election policy,” and how partisan employees ran public elections. Meanwhile, Benson’s spokesperson denied private influence. 

As published in the cited article
As published in the cited article

If this shadowy, shell game sounds spookily familiar, you’ll want to reread the Feb. 7, 2021 Opinion: Time Magazine Details the ‘Shadow Campaign’ Against Trump, and the brazen Time magazine article that bragged about the national effort in “The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election.” 

Here, the proud perpetrators chronicle their pre- and post-election actions, describing themselves as a loose coalition of Democratic operatives, grassroots activists, mainstream media, tech companies, and corporate CEOs before and after the 2020 presidential election. The words “cabal” and “conspiracy” are used to describe the sweeping activities of these groups, collectively referred to as the “Shadow Campaign.”

Exclusive: Zuckerberg-Connected Nonprofit Helped Shift Michigan’s 2020 Voting Rules reveals a similar shadowy effort but at the statewide level. 

Of this we can be confident: The Election Registration Information Center (ERIC) is another leg in the stool of the Soros operatives’ move to fundamentally transform our constitutional republic into a one-party, globalist, totalitarian system. 

For election integrity in Michigan,
Patrice Johnson, chair

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