Team Ingham canvassers uncover shocking snapshot of dirty voter rolls

23 affidavits of anomalies in East Lansing’s voter rolls. 3 hours spent.

Image of 23 Affidavits from Team Ingham’s walk to check voter rolls in East Lansing, Sunday, Mary 6, 2022.

by Patrice Johnson 

Sunny skies brightened the day as teams of volunteers hit the streets for the first time in Ingham County. Armed with walk lists of registered voters during the 2020 election, the two- and three-person teams knocked on doors in East Lansing, 71 doors to be exact.
About  half of the residents were home and answered their doors. Of about 35 interviews, 23 resulted signed affidavits. That’s correct. About 75% of the interviewees attested to anomalies in Michigan’s voter rolls, called the Qualified Voter File, the QVF

“My notary stamp was smoking after all the work put in by the teams,” notary Mark McKeel said. “Great job!”
over the course of three short hours, Team Ingham uncovered startling anomalies in the QVF. Several of the affidavits documented multiple errors, so the numbers below exceed the 23-affidavit count.

 1Resident voted in-person but it was recorded as a No Vote
 5Residents voted in-person but were recorded as absentee voters
 4People did not live at the named address yet voted absentee 
 16Registered voters did not live at their named addresses when the 2020 election occurred
 1Street address did not exist
 1Deceased person at time of election was recorded as voting

The team that discovered the non-existent property address with its all-too-real registered voters snapped photos of the area and documented the address that did not exist.  
One resident admitted that his daughter “owns a home in Detroit and doesn’t really live here.” Records, however, showed she had voted absentee in 2020 as a resident of the East Lansing address. 
“I asked if she was registered to vote and voted in Detroit, too,” Dave, the team’s record-keeper explained. “The father avoided eye contact and changed the subject to how wonderful his daughter was.” 
“People were for the most part receptive,” canvasser Rick said, “but it took longer than I expected.” 
After everyone submitted their paperwork, all cheered, “Go Team Ingham.” Tired and grateful for the 61-degree temperatures, canvassers climbed into their vehicles and drove home to rest their weary feet.

Team Ingham follows in the footsteps of Election Integrity Fund & Force canvassing efforts that are breaking trail across the state, some launching as early as last fall. Results across Michigan and the USA appear fairly consistent with voter roll anomalies typically exceeding 18%.
Sec. of State Jocelyn Benson joined Michigan in the ERIC interstate election system (ERIC) in 2019. Since then, for the first time in history, the number of registered Michigan voters grew to 102.4% of voting-aged residents—an impossible number. 

As an example of noteworthy problems, an average of 10% of Americans move each year, so each precinct should lose 10% of its registered voters. It may gain others, but an average of 10% should come off the rolls. ERIC, in contrast, adds voters but is reported to remove as few as one or two voters over a period of four years. 
Michigan’s voter roll issues are far from localized. Of the state’s 83 counties, 69 (83%) currently have more registered voters than eligible voters. Judicial Watch Study Finds 353 U.S. Counties in 29 States with Voter Registration Rates Exceeding 100%
Appreciation goes to Angie, Jim, Rick, David, and Sheree for devoting their Sunday afternoons to tromping around East Lansing, all for the good of election integrity. Anne, the team’s area lead, deserves enormous credit for creating excellent walk lists. Mark McKeel took care to notarize the affidavits by the book.

On a personal note, I’d like to express heartfelt appreciation also to the Livingston County team. Captain Janine Iyer has been a phenomenal mentor.

Now, the documents go to Team Ingham’s librarian for processing. Christine McGoron, a former deputy election clerk, has volunteered to serve as the county team’s librarian. 

Next steps. 

Team Ingham plans to walk again on March 19. If interested in lending a hand (and feet), please mail

Stay tuned for a CALL TO ACTION tomorrow. PIME will ask supporters to contact our legislators and demand they extricate Michigan from ERIC. Based on ERIC and the recent Auditor General report, Michigan needs to conduct a forensic audit of its QVF post haste.

For election integrity in Michigan,

Patrice Johnson, Chair


PIME: ERIC, Interstate Database Enables Non-citizen Voting. Part 1and CALL TO ACTION: ERIC slips non-citizens onto voter rolls through Mich. DMV. Part 2

Gateway Pundit:, 2), 3), 4)

From Jeff Litten, Exective Director of Secure MI Vote:

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Elections in our country are at risk, and if we don’t act now, the left will be able to allow illegals and violent criminals to vote WITHOUT ID.

Contact PIME for petitions. Help collect signatures.

Petitions will be available at PIME’s meeting this Saturday, March 12, featuring guest speaker Kristina Karamo.

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