The barn is burning. Huddle or douse it out?

Image: Ashes from Burnt Roses, short story analysis from William Faulkner’s Barn Burning.

March 1, 2022

by Patrice Johnson

We’re in a world of hurt. Unprovoked and reminiscent of Nazi Germany, Russia invaded the sovereign nation, Ukraine. Communist China, in leveraging Biden’s unchecked corruption and learning from his administration’s willing incompetence in Afghanistan, is jabbing a finger in the ribs of Taiwan’s defenses. A few days ago on the Steve Gruber show, US Rep. Doug Collins warned that Iran could exploit the global instability and invade Israel. 

For the past 40 years, the bloodletting of America was a slow-drip process. Then President Trump stormed onto the scene infused iron into America’s anemic bloodstream. He made our nation great again. (Watch: Trump’s best ever speech delivered at CPAC)

Enemies foreign and domestic counterattacked with the “Great Reset.”  

Under the guise of the COVID-19 lockdowns, the largest capital shift in the history of the globe took place. Large corporations and global-leftist organizations grew flush with cash as our state government forced small businesses to shutter. Social media, at the instruction of the Democrats, silenced opposing voices. (See Biden’s attempt to rope Big Tech into more censorship is downright sinister.)

As Special Prosecutor John Durham is revealing, the sleazy Clinton campaign skulked hand in hand with the Democratic National Committee to stage an all-out coup against a sitting president. The Deep State rot poisoned senior levels of the FBI and went so far as to lie to FISA courts. (See Cruz: If Special Counsel Durham’s Allegations Are True, People Need To Go To Jail.)

On January 22, just five weeks ago, the US mainstream media declined to cover a bone-chilling event. Iran, Russia, China conducted three days of joint war games in the Indian Ocean. The war “games” were significant in that they revealed the three totalitarian powers are working together. They have formed an entente, according to former national security advisor John Bolton. This Triton has grown so bold as to flex its collective muscles—and signal readiness—in the light of day. 

Meanwhile, the Democrat-controlled US Congress is bankrupting our nation while shutting down our oil pipelines. Supply-chain disruptions teeter on the brink of cutting more than our access to toilet paper and auto parts. A flick of the CCP switch, and Americans could be staring at barren shelves that we are accustomed to bulging with food and medicine. Inflation is eating away at our right to pursue life, liberty, and happiness. Social media companies are silencing dissent from state-controlled narratives. Michigan’s Attorney General threatens to disbar lawyers who defend clients with sworn affidavits of election law violations. The Jan. 6 “insurrection” resulted in no charges of insurrection. But plenty of so-called perpetrators are still unlawfully detained without trial. Millions of fighting-aged, non-citizen males (if I may be so bold as to reference one of 68 espoused genders) are flooding our borders. Then there is skyrocketing crime in the cities and rampant racist indoctrination in our schools.

It can feel like too much. 

We have come to a fork in the road. We can put on blinders and hope someone else musters the courage and resources to fix this hot mess. Or, we can brace ourselves, join forces, and renew our focus on battles that we can win.

One battlefront, and arguably the most vital of all, rages on the bloodied field of election integrity.

EI is the final frontier, the essential ingredient in this melting pot that is our under-siege republic. The right to own private property and exercise free speech, the right to bear arms and worship as we choose, the right to raise our children as we see fit—These unalienable rights will perish unless those who would destroy them are defeated. 

What we must do. Focus. Deploy our limited resources to the greatest effect.

PIME is laser-focused on 14 goals, essential to EI, for 2022. Our committees mirror those objectives. How you can help.

Data analysis and knocking on doors. As an example, this upcoming Saturday, March 5, PIME volunteers will canvass parts of East Lansing to clean the voter rolls. We will get to the bottom of how 120 dead people there voted. How did 188 people vote from closed MSU dorms? How could 101 votes come from residents registered as living in homes they sold decades ago? How could 549 (62%) of those listed as living in MSU’s fraternity/sorority houses be 30 to 80 years old? Nursing homes? There’s this:

PIME volunteers are determined to remove dead, moved, illegal, and phantom voters from the rolls. Email to join Team Ingham. 

Get rid of ERIC. On Jan. 19 we learned from state Senator Ruth Johnson that a single transaction with the SOS is registering non-citizens to vote.(CALL TO ACTION: ERIC slips non-citizens onto voter rolls through Mich. DMV. Part 2) Now, PIME volunteers are writing letters. We’re meeting with legislators. We’re exploring legislation and other methods to get Michigan out of the corrupt, Soros-funded Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC). 

The more we examine ERIC, the more pungent its reptilian underbelly. ERIC and the left’s attack on EI may well account for the 18% to 20% error rate that patriot analysts and neighborhood canvassers are routinely uncovering as they probe Michigan’s Qualified Voter File. 

Did you know that after SOS Benson enrolled Michigan in ERIC in 2019, voter registrations spiked to 102.4%For the first time in history, the number of registered voters exceeds the number of voting aged residents in the state. Impossible? Not in this world turned upside down. (See Judicial Watch Study Finds 353 U.S. Counties in 29 States with Voter Registration Rates Exceeding 100%)

Dirty rolls = dirty elections. Email: to help stop ERIC.

Legislative actions to reign in the SOS. Last week and today, the state legislature pushed and is pushing back against Soros-funded Sec. of State Benson’s attempts to neuter absentee ballot signature verification.

PIME appeared at the Michigan House Elections and Ethics Committee Hearings. Here are the bills and PIME’s positions:  

Senate Bill 306

Elections; election officials; secretary of state to prepare a report regarding clerks who are not current with training; require, and require secretary of state to post the report on the department of state website.

PIME Supports SB 306

Senate Bill 308: Elections; election officials; signature verification training for clerks and election inspectors; require, and require the secretary of state to promulgate rules regarding an objective signature verification process.

PIME comment and position: During the 2020 election the Sec. of State Benson imposed election rules that neutered signature verification. Too late, the courts found her actions illegal. Now, Benson is trying to make those rules apply to this year’s upcoming and future elections. This bill is important. If enacted into law, this bill will make clear that signature verification should contain no presumption of validity. It prohibits giving instructions or guidance to election officials to accept a signature as valid if the signature has “any redeeming qualities.” The Sec. of State is out of bounds to train clerks that, in the absence of supportive information, they should consider hypothetical or circumstantial factors that may affect a voter’s signature. If the clerk suspects age or health factors could be affecting a voter’s signature, the clerk should contact the voter or verify these factors on factual grounds. PIME further supports the portion of the bill that provides for all local clerks and precinct inspectors to go through signature verification training. PIME strongly supports SB 308
House Joint Resolution G: A joint resolution proposing an amendment to the state constitution of 1963, by amending sections 1 and 2 of article XII, to change the deadlines for proposed amendments to the state constitution.

PIME Supports HJR G. 

And that’s not all.

PIMErs are signing up to serve as paid election inspectors:

We are recruiting precinct delegates

We are teaming with other groups and gathering signatures for important petitions: Unlock 2Secure MI VoteLet Kids Learn, and

George Washington’s rag-tag volunteer soldiers, garbed in tattered clothing, crossed the frigid Delaware River on Christmas. Against all odds, they turned the tide of the Revolutionary War.

The Civil War, at a cost of more than 600,000 American lives, ended slavery. 

On a personal note, my now deceased father, Edward Weddon, M.D., a medic in World War II, saw his soldier friends blown to bits. He picked up their strewn parts. Later, while on a scouting mission, Dad came across a torched barn. Inside, he found the Nazis had burned, alive, dozens of Jewish prisoners. He and other American soldiers buried the smoldering bodies.

At this moment in time, we are faced with our own burning barn. Do we huddle and surrender, or do we dig out? How you can help.

For election integrity in Michigan elections,

Patrice Johnson, Chair


Russia and China Eye a Retreating U.S.

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In conversation: The impact of COVID-19 on capital markets

Entente Multiplies the Threat From Russia and ChinaCoronavirus: Trudeau tells UN conference that pandemic is the Great Reset

Russia and China Eye a Retreating U.S –“Beijing and Moscow enjoy a natural division of labor in threatening America and its allies, in three distinct theaters: China on its periphery’s long arc from Japan across Southeast Asia out to India and Pakistan; Russia in Eastern and Central Europe; and the Russian-Iranian-Chinese entente cordiale in the Middle East. U.S. planning must contemplate many threats arising simultaneously across these and other theaters.”

Watch: Trump’s best ever speech delivered at CPAC: Writes Roger Simon, columnist for Epoch Times, “And he delivered what was, at least to me, one of the best Conservative Political Action Conference wrap-ups ever—I’ve been to maybe a half-dozen over the years—and one of his best speeches overall.”

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