Dr. Linda Lee Tarver, candidate for State Board of Education, signs Contract with Michigan

“The 12 pillars encompass almost all of the areas pursued by our founding fathers and protected by patriots,” Dr. Linda Lee Tarver said.

Feb. 4, 2022: Pure Integrity for Michigan Elections (PIME) announced today that Dr. Linda Lee Tarver, candidate for State Board of Education, has signed the Contract with Michigan

Tarver smiled at learning that Pure Integrity for Michigan Elections prepared the initial Contract and then eight additional grassroots organizations stepped forward as cosponsors (see logos in Contract). 

“PIME is a group I have had the pleasure of supporting since its early meetings,” she said, breaking into her characteristic smile.

“The 12 pillars encompass almost all of the areas pursued by our founding fathers and protected by patriots.” Tarver summarized the contract’s pillars as election integrity, free speech, right to bear arms, states’ rights, privacy, due process, constitutional education, private property, protecting US sovereignty, enshrine nuclear family, job creation, and a secure border. 

Tarver, an  election integrity expert and businesswoman, may often be found speaking at statewide and national events. She holds a doctorate in theology and education, has authored two Christian books, and owns Tarver Consulting. 

She credits the federal government’s behavior for tipping the scales for her to throw her hat into the ring to fill one of the State Board of Education’s two vacant seats. “They’re poised to treat parents as enemy combatants and terrorists.” 

Married and mother of two, Tarver is renowned for her no-nonsense, straight talk. “My top goal, if elected,” she said, “will be to ensure students return to their classrooms. Their lives depend on it.” She went on to explain that schools like Detroit and Flint have become crime scenes in which children are the victims. “I will push for an immediate assessment of academic deficits and the social, emotional, physical, and financial damage done. This timeline must be aggressive to provide surgical-like remedies to help our children.”

“Critical race theory, revisionist liberal history, the lack of constitutional education in our classrooms–There’s much work to do.” Tarver spoke of the soft bigotry of low expectations and the school-to-prison pipeline. “The pathetic reality is that 92% of Detroit third graders can’t read. Can you believe children are suing for the right to read? The failures in public education lead to prison, poverty, and pain.” 

The lockdowns made the situation worse, Tarver stated. “A high majority of child abuse and neglect reports come from teachers. Virtual classrooms and indefinite separation from schools place vulnerable children in the hands of abusers or traffickers.” 

Truancy from virtual education has grown so out of control that larger school districts no longer report it. “As little as 25% of students have checked into online classrooms with upward of 75% of students missing in action.”

If elected, Tarver plans to stress curricula that return to the basics and focus on excellence in reading, writing, and mathematics. “Success in all other subjects depends on mastery of these foundations.” 

School choice? “Yes.”

Transparency? “Yes, communicating school data, honestly, accurately, understandably, and in a timely manner must be the new normal,” Tarver insisted. To learn more about candidate Tarver, visit https://lindatarver.com/.

Tarver joins a growing list of Candidate Signatories to the Contract with Michigan. In signing, she pledged her commitment to protecting and defending a dozen citizen rights and needs: 

  1. The right to honest, transparent, fair, and accountable elections run by the State legislature, not by the federal government
  2. The right to free speech
  3. The right to keep and bear arms
  4. State rights
  5. The right to liberty and protection against invasion of privacy through the abuse of technology or bureaucratic agencies
  6. The right to due process and the rule of law in an impartial and blind judicial system, and funded and functional police and sheriff systems that protect the citizenry and the republic
  7. The need for an educational system that nurtures student understanding of the noble principles in the US and State Constitutions, including the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness
  8. The right to private property
  9. The right to protect the nation against invasion, and the need to preserve the nation’s sovereignty
  10. The need to protect and defend the nuclear family and parental rights
  11. The need to encourage job creation through pro-growth tax and monetary policies that adhere to fiscal responsibility with no new taxes
  12. The right to secure borders and the need to uphold and enforce immigration laws

JonRochaphoto2.jpgPure Integrity for Michigan Elections started with a handful of concerned citizens in January 2021. Since then, the group has grown to more than 530 supporters statewide. As a grassroots group committed to helping restore election integrity to Michigan elections, PIME analyzes election legislation with an eye toward closing gaps and opportunities for abuse by those who would undermine free and fair elections. The group works to achieve maximum transparency, checks and balances, ethics, and integrity in election law. PIME is a peaceful, issue-based, nonpartisan political movement that welcomes all who support election integrity and the US and Michigan Constitutions. Email: pureintegrityforme@gmail.com. Website: pureintegritymichiganelections.org.

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