The State of PIME and the Power of the Grassroots

Jan 3, 2022

by Patrice Johnson

Skeptics tend to levy subtle slurs against grassroots organizations. “Too broad-brush,” they whisper. “Too narrow in scope.” “A flash in the pan.” “One-person dependent.” All too often, these judgments prove accurate. But it is equally fair to acknowledge that startups arise out of need. They fill a breach, and their energy is palpable.

Over the course of 2021, grassroots organizations sprang up around the state like mushrooms on a fertile forest floor. Pure Integrity for Michigan Elections sprouted from a conversation among ten people seated around a kitchen table. Today, PIME’s numbers exceed 500.
Since its first recorded meeting on Jan. 15, 2021, PIME’s growing team of concerned citizens has focused on one mission: To help restore election integrity to Michigan elections through a peaceful political process. Together, we have achieved feats that even the most intractable Doubting Thomas would have to admit are nothing short of remarkable: 

  • Supporters testified more than 30 times at Michigan Senate and House Election Committee hearings.
  • PIMErs stepped forward to counterbalance the leftist push to persuade the Michigan Independent Redistricting Commission to gerrymander state voting districts for Democrat gain. We couldn’t save every district, but overall, communities of interest were preserved for the next 10 years.
  • PIME citizen analysts unearthed shocking problems with the state’s Qualified Voter File (QVF): Lou Avallone of Milford uncovered 3/4 million illegal deletions of voter history records from the QVF in the past election. Confronted with the evidence, Secretary of State Benson (SOS) restored the records. Anne Hill of East Lansing documented hundreds of phantom voters who cast ballots both in person and absentee:Voters listed as living at a non-existent street; deceased voters; voters supposedly residing in closed MSU dorms; homeowners residing in homes they sold years, even decades, ago; and elderly voters listed as living at sororities and fraternities. Hundreds of them.
  • Louis Avallone discovered that the Secretary of State’s statewide election training materials contain incorrect and illegal instructions. He documented violations and sent them to SOS Benson, Rep. Ann Bollin, and the Michigan GOP.
  • PIME created public awareness of issues and solutions via its website, email communications, business cards, its brochure, podcasts, supporter-manned tables at events, speaker engagements, and in-person and written statements at hearings. 
  • PIME is collaborating with more than 20 other groups and organizations.
  • Due to PIME and other grassroots efforts, the National Popular Vote pulled the plug in Michigan for now. 
  • Our Calls to Action and support of petition drives are having impact. 
  • PIME’s Legislative Policy Position grew to 38 pages of expert and insightful legislative analysis. 
  • PIME created Contract with Michigan and enlisted 9 co-sponsors and 4 signers so far. 
  • Supporters met on multiple occasions with state senators and representatives.
  • PIME analyzed results of the Arizona forensic audit, compared the findings to Michigan statutes, and drafted recommendations for legislators to consider. PIMErs presented PowerPoint presentations to two state representatives and one senator.
  • PIME’s monthly and semi-monthly meetings featured notable, quality speakers.
  • PIME secured an ample, welcoming facility at the Stockbridge Activity Center.
  • Attendees rated our Politics 101 class an unbridled success.
  • PIME conducted a survey to gauge our supporters’ priorities.

In less than a year, PIME accomplished the above tasks and more, and we were hardly alone. A host of other startup grassroots groups—similarly composed of patriots with little to no prior political experience—gelled into organizations and pushed forward in hot pursuit of their objectives. Some startups were cantankerous. Others spawned from churches, reminiscent of the heroic black-robed regiments who played a vital role the Revolutionary War. A few like MC4EI peeled away from their GOP county party.

The Michigan Election Integrity Network and the Election Integrity Force and Fund are breaking trail, coordinating statewide canvassing efforts to clean up the voter rolls. County by county, teams are analyzing data and knocking on doors to verify legal voters and ferret out phantom voters stashed deep within Michigan’s Qualified Voter File.

Regardless of their origins, these groups took root in the hearts of individual citizens. Men and women, young and seniors, united to steer this great ship of state away from the rocks of destruction and set course for constitutional harbors. 

PIME supporter JD Glaser, after recovering from the shock of witnessing the ballot count stop during the early morning hours of Nov. 4, 2020, took political action. View the software engineer’s interview with Jeff Vega’s Minority Voice podcast on Rumble. vrm6y7-jeff-vega-interview-with-j.d.-glosser.html. The apple didn’t fall far from its tree. JD’s son Josh, along with 206 other Marines, refused to acquiesce to vaccine mandates and are being discharged.

Check out the egregious events that Phil O’Halloran of startup MC4EI uncovered regarding the TCF Center in Detroit during the 2020 Election. Were Undocumented Ballots The Reason For Fraud at Detroit’s TCF Center?…”I literally watched thousands of unverified ballots get run through the machines. 

“MC4EI has been working on bringing this analysis to light for a year, “ said Becky Behrends, M.D., “and they have more to reveal and uncover.” Part 1 will knock your socks off:

We would be remiss to overlook young legal organizations like the Amistad Project, begun in 2018, as “the only litigation against the billionaires’ shadow government.” Amistad lawyers recently peeled through the rotten onion of Zucker bucks: FILINGS WITH IRS PROVE ZUCKERBERG FUNDED ‘SHADOW GOVERNMENT’ IN 2020; WATCHDOG SAYS IT’S ‘TIP OF THE ICEBERG.’ Previous: PA Secretary of State sues to block access to Dominion machines.

Kudos also to the Grand Old Party for moving to fortify election integrity. MIGOP has thrown its support behind Secure MI Vote’s petition drive to require Voter ID, prohibit officials from making absentee ballot applications available except upon voter request, and prohibiting donations to fund elections. Plus, MIGOP is launching an aggressive effort in coordination with grassroots groups to recruit and sign up more than 2,000 election inspectors/workers. 

County parties from Ottawa to Livingston to Jackson (see below) are educating, training, and exposing flaws in electoral processes. Organizations old and new are on digging, unearthing, and issuing clarion calls for free and fair elections. 

Hang onto our seats; 2022 promises to unfold as a year like no other. 

Patrice Johnson is Chair of Pure Integrity for Michigan Elections,, website:

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