Call to Action TODAY, Dec. 4: 

Urge the GOP State Central Committee to vote against using election machines to count votes at the upcoming State Endorsement Convention

Dear PIME supporter,
Absurd as it sounds on December 4, the Republicans are planning to vote to use Dominion or Dominion-like machines to tabulate ballots at the GOP State Endorsement Convention. The new Republican County Convention and State Endorsement Convention, slated for April 2022, is where Delegates and Alternates will pick the GOP’s nominees for attorney general, secretary of state, and other statewide offices.
Hand counting ballots would take a mere 90 minutes longer and, to add insult to injury, using the controversial machines will cost a large percent of the convention budget.
Kristina Karamo, candidate for Secretary of State, is encouraging PIME supporters to go to and Add Your Endorsement for counting the ballots by hand at the convention. The last thing we need is to have our candidates for office tabulated by suspect voting machines.
Here’s the rule change that the GOP State Central Committee could well adopt in Frankenmuth unless we raise our voices and object: 

Exhibit A: Endorsement Convention Rules, Paragraph 19: “That in an effort to offer speed, convenience, consistency, and confidence in the nomination and election process at the Endorsement Convention, the State Party Chair shall obtain tabulating equipment for the purpose of registering each delegate’s vote in contested candidate elections or nominations….”

Support a transparent, verifiable selection of candidates for office. Go now to and Add Your Endorsement for a hand count at State Endorsement Convention.
For election integrity in Michigan,
Patrice Johnson, Chair

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Dedicated to restoring election integrity in Michigan.

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