Non-invasive investigations for your elections clerk to perform. Plus, an example of a letter to send

Most clerks wish to ensure the integrity of their election machines, but they feel unsure as to steps they can legally take. Below, former Mich. Senator Patrick Colbeck offers simple instructions for your clerk to follow to peak inside her machines and see what’s happening. Also enclosed is a letter that CEO Darren Schmidt of the Nutritional Healing Center of Ann Arbor sent to his city clerks. Please modify the letter and make it your own to contact your local clerk.

The readily available steps outlined below require breaking no seals on the voting equipment. None of these steps will harm or compromise the equipment in any way.

You may prefer to call your clerk first to discuss the idea of conducting a non-invasive investigation. Then forward or hand deliver a letter, complete with Colbeck’s instructions and self-guiding images. 

Colbeck suggests your clerk send the photos to him at He and experts will analyze the findings. Easy Peasy. 

Letter to clerk by Darren Schmidt, Senior Clinician and CEO of the Nutritional Healing Center of Ann Arbor, Nov. 29, 2021

Dear Rachel and/or Jacqueline,

I was communicating with Rachel in November of 2020 and again in January of 2021 about the election fraud that occurred using my physical address and my girlfriend’s name. She is a resident of Illinois for the last 20 years and did not vote in Michigan in 2020 but her voter file showed that she did. Later, In January of 2021, we talked with Rachel who looked at the file and saw that she didn’t vote. 

Backstory: I had gotten a postcard to my house in October of 2020 thanking Lisa (my gf) for being a “first time voter in Michigan’. This is how I started to investigate.
The election fraud problem has now been fully figured out by forensic audit. The people orchestrating the fraud inserted names electronically beginning on voting day. Then, after a few weeks, they removed those fraudulent votes.  This is exactly what happened in my case.

Below is a series of actions step by step you need to take to see if there is a problem with election hardware. 

I would like you to do these steps and then submit them to Patrick Colbeck, who will then analyze them as described at the bottom. I also would like you to CC me on that email so that I know you completed the task. 

At this stage, I have zero confidence of election integrity and I tell everyone I meet. Most Republicans and even 30% of Democrats think the elction was stolen. This is millions and millions of Americans. In order to get their confidence back, I know you would be willing to do this simple audit that does not require you breaking any seal into the machines. 

Thank you for doing this. 

Please respond back to me. 

Darren Schmidt, D.C.

Senior Clinician, CEO
The Nutritional Healing Center of Ann Arbor
Healthcare the Way Mother Nature Intended

Dear elections clerk,

Here are the instructions for your non-invasive collection of data on your Windows-based election machines. All of these tools can be accessed via a left-mouse click on the Windows icon in the lower left corner of your screen.  

Upon clicking, simply type the name of each tool and hit enter on your keyboard.

  1. Launch “Resource Monitor.” Expand all frames as much as possible (especially TCP Connections frame) and take a photo with a camera or smartphone.

  1. Launch Device Manager. Go to View and make sure “Show hidden devices” is active. Expand Ports, Network adapters, and USB Controllers as a minimum. Then take photos.

  1. Launch Devices and Printers

Expand Window and take a photo of all devices.

  1. (OPTIONAL) Launch Registry Editor. Go to file menu and hit “Export.” Save export to an online folder or USB flash drive.

This last step requires the insertion of a USB flash drive or internet connection. Only use if you are willing to insert a flash drive or connect to the internet.
None of these steps requires breaking the seals on your voting equipment. Once you have the photos and registry file, please send to Patrick Colbeck at so that I can share with experts for analysis.
I hope this helps!

Patrick Colbeck

About Patrick Colbeck: Aerospace engineer, author, former Michigan Senator, and former candidate for governor in Michigan. As a Republican member of the Michigan Senate, he represented a northwestern portion of Wayne County from 2011 to 2019. Colbeck was unable to run for re-election to the Michigan State Senate in 2018 because of term limits. He holds a BS and MS degree in aerospace engineering from University of Michigan. Parts of his design are still in operation on the International Space Station.

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