Rally for Forensic Audit at Lansing Capitol

Megaphones. Signs. Cheers for the speakers at the podium. Election Integrity Force and Fund’s debut rally at the Capitol steps knocked it out of the park. Attendees’ views were clear: All were calling for a forensic audit in Michigan.

Watch the video by Citizen Free Press:
Forensic Audit Rally at Michigan State Capitol…

View speakers at these time stamps on the video:

Emcee Janice Daniels, Election Integrity Fund & Force

Dr. Linda Lee Tarver speaks at 12:10

Kathy McClinchey, PIME Exec. Committee, pureintegritymichiganelections.org, 25:23

Patrick Colbeck, LetsFixstuff.org, 35:01

Attorney Matt Deperno, Deperno Law Offices, depernoformi.com, 56:39

Kathy McClinchey, PIME Executive Committee member, addresses the crowd. Photo credit: Alex Weddon
Doug and Kathy Swartz, PIME supporters, set up a PIME table. Photo credit: Mike Cameron.
Dr. Linda Lee Tarver addresses the crowd of 2,000 or more. Photo credit: Alex Weddon.
Patrick Colbeck stands with emcee Janice Daniels before he addresses the crowd. Photo credit: Alex Weddon.
The nuns say it all. Photo credit: Alex Weddon

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Dedicated to restoring election integrity in Michigan.

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