Agenda for next meeting

Pure Integrity for Michigan Elections (PIME)

5:00 p.m., Sat., Oct. 9

Stockbridge Activity Center, 305 W. Elizabeth St., Stockbridge 49285

PIME’s missionTo help restore election integrity to Michigan elections through a peaceful political process.

Position statement:  PIME is an issue-based, nonpartisan political movement that welcomes all

who support election integrity and the US and Michigan Constitutions.

5:00 Opening prayer and potluck

Welcome and introductions

Pledge of Allegiance

Call to order & review of minutes 

Finances and Food: Lori and Linda

Reports and recaps

  • Lori: 
    • PIME supporter count tops 380
    • MIGOP-endorsed, Secure MI Vote Petition Drive
  • Becky Mayer: Contract with Michigan Committee update
  • Libby and Dick Ranshaw: Legislative Committee
    • PIME meeting with Representative Julie Alexander 
    • Since our last meeting, PIME representatives have testified and submitted written statements to three legislative hearings. To view the statements or the hearings go to and click on Pime Testimony at Legislative Hearings 
      • Sept. 28, Patrice Johnson testified before the House Standing Committee on Election and Ethics
      • Sept. 29, Written Statement to the Senate Election Committee
      • Oct. 5, Written Statement, House Standing Committee on Election and Ethics
  • Krysten: Report from Detroit-area prosecutorial group
  • Ed and Lori: Mask mandate
  • Dennis: We are not alone. Action takers and silent supporters
  • Gary and Carol: Public relations successes and goals. Johnson and Jeff Vega have now completed 5 video podcasts. Jeff Vega Interviews with Patrice Johnson, PIME Chair
  • Brian: Events chair, Unlock Michigan 2, Time to Stand Michigan 
  • Kathy McClinchey: 
    • PIME testimony at SOS hearing in Detroit re: Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson’s move to nullify signature checks on absentee ballots
    • Election Integrity Force & Fund rally and speaking there
    • Speaker calendar. Breaking news! 

Contract with Michigan signing and featured speaker, Ryan Kelley, candidate for governor 2022

New Business: 

Next meeting: Nov. 13, 5 p.m. Featured speaker: Professor William Wagner, former federal judge. Constitutional authority


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